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Withdrawing your investments

Superannuation is designed to help you save for your retirement.

The Craigs Superannuation Scheme allows you to have contributions derived from both UK pension schemes and contributions from non-UK sources. Different rules and restrictions apply depending on whether you are withdrawing UK derived contributions or contributions that are not derived from the UK.

The tables below summarise the permitted withdrawals from the Scheme.

For full details on withdrawing your investments, read the Product Disclosure Statement and the Other Material Information. Visit the document library to access all withdrawal forms.

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Withdrawals from UK derived contributions

Withdrawal benefits in respect of UK derived contributions will be based on the current UK ROPS rules. These are as follows:

These ROPS rules may  change from time to time.

Withdrawals from non-UK derived contributions

Withdrawals in respect of non-UK derived contributions can only be made when permitted under the superannuation scheme rules in the Financial Markets Conduct Act Regulations 20143 (the ‘Superannuation Scheme Rules’) as follows:

The table below shows the amounts you can withdraw and when:

Minimum withdrawal amounts

Where a withdrawal is permitted, you can withdraw only your non-UK derived contributions monthly or in lump sum amounts. The current minimum monthly withdrawal permitted is $1,000.

The Craigs Superannuation Scheme (Craigs Superannuation) is issued and managed by Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited. The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited is the supervisor of Craigs Superannuation. None of The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited, Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited (or any director of those entities) or any other person, guarantees the performance or returns of Craigs Superannuation, or the return of capital. Investments made in Craigs Superannuation are subject to investment and other risks (including those set out in the Craigs Superannuation Scheme Product Disclosure Statement) and are not guaranteed by the manager, the supervisor or any other person.