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Hands-on investing if you prefer to be actively involved with all aspects of your portfolio.

Want to choose the securities you invest in and manage your own portfolio? We offer a broking service for both the New Zealand and international markets, as well as foreign exchange and cash management. Securities we can buy and sell for you include listed and unlisted securities, fixed income, equities, private equity, foreign exchange, exchange traded funds, and closed-ended funds.

Through your Investment Adviser, you have access to our specialist expertise and objective, research-based advice on securities you are considering so you can assess how well they fit into the portfolio strategy you have decided to follow.

Once you have made your decisions, your Adviser can execute buy and sell transactions in equity and fixed income markets for you.

At a Glance

  • Objective investment advice from one of our investment advisers
  • Access to accredited NZX sharebrokers who operate under the NZX Participant rules
  • Share brokerage advice, backed by our award winning research team
  • Full share brokerage capabilities across all the major international sharemarkets and asset classes
  • Access to major sharemarket data, including live NZX sharemarket pricing, and global pricing
  • Access to a range of new investment opportunities and IPO’s


Shares (also referred to as stock or equities) represent an ownership stake in a company and can provide both growth and income (by the way of dividends) for an investor.

Shares are an integral part of an investment portfolio and the thousands of different share options available can make selecting the appropriate investment a difficult decision.

Craigs Investment Partners specialises in providing clients with advice and research on a wide range of shares from share markets in New Zealand, Australia and around the world. Our NZX accredited Investment Advisers can provide objective advice relating to domestic and global shares, supported by our exerpienced team of researchers.


Fixed Income

Craigs Investment Partners specialises in providing clients with advice and research on a wide range of fixed interest rate investments including premium bonds. View our Fixed Income Daily Rate Sheet.

Fixed income investments can be an important component of a client's portfolio.  We build laddered portfolios for our clients (with maturity dates spread out to reduce reinvestment risk and interest rate risk) with the aim of achieving the maximum returns for the desired level of risk.

Many of the fixed income investments we have access to are listed on the NZX and are therefore tradable.  In addition, almost all unlisted securities also (excluding debentures) are also tradable, which provides more flexibility as you may sell your fixed interest security should you wish, instead of being  'locked in'.

At a Glance

  • Full breadth of fixed income investment alternatives,
  • Specialise in the building and management of fixed income portfolios offering a known stream of return, so your income needs can be met.
  • Research reports and recommendations provided by our Fixed Income desk and Research team. Access to a qualified Investment Adviser for objective advice.

Fixed Income Products

Government Stock

New Zealand Government stock is guaranteed by the Government so is one of the most secure fixed interest investments. These issues are the largest in the domestic market and the most liquid (i.e. the easiest to buy and sell).

Local Authority Stock

Local Authority Stock is secured by a rating charge is more difficult to access as there are few issues available to retail investors now. This is due to changes in legislation that require local authorities to incur significant compliance costs to issue to the retail market.

Corporate bonds including bank-issued securities

A corporate bond is a loan to the corporate (issuer) which pays you as the investor a fixed rate of return, payable by quarterly or semi-annual interest coupon payments up until the maturity date when your principal is repaid. Corporate bonds include the issues by banks for senior and subordinated bonds, which trade mostly on the over-the-counter market. These often have a credit rating assigned by one of the global credit rating agencies. The advantage of investing in corporate bonds is the yield enhancement over government stock and most of the bonds are easily traded.

Hybrid securities

These include capital notes, capital bonds, convertible notes, redeemable preference shares and perpetual instruments.

Hybrid securities tend to offer investors a higher income stream and medium-to-high risk depending on the individual security. Many hybrids are unsecured and subordinated - ranking below senior debt but ahead of shareholder funds. These offer interest payments or imputed dividends at levels significantly above government stock and most are listed on the NZDX offering transparency and a degree of liquidity. Terms are often very different to conventional bonds with more choice by the issuer as to payment of coupons/dividends and at maturity some convert at the issuer's option into shares.

We recommend clients consult their Investment Adviser for specific details and whether the level of return is commensurate with the level of risk.


We prefer negotiable securities for fixed interest portfolios and only recommend debentures for investments where access to capital is not needed. However, debentures do provide a known income stream for amounts of $1,000 and up. We provide research and recommendations on selected debentures.

Beyond providing fixed interest investment alternatives, we also specialise in the building and management of fixed income portfolios offering a known stream of return, so your income needs can be met.

Our Fixed Interest desk, in conjunction with our Research team, publishes a range of research reports and recommendations on individual fixed interest products as well as model fixed interest portfolios.

If you are looking for surety of income and stable returns, or a dedicated income-focussed investment portfolio, your Craigs Investment Partners Adviser can assist you by recommending appropriate investments to suit your needs and risk profile.

Speak to one of our Investment Advisers today about the range of fixed interest investments which are currently available.


Private Equity

Private Equity refers to the holding of stock in unlisted businesses. Unlisted businesses generally require access to investment capital to fund growth or to provide liquidity for existing shareholders.

A Private Equity fund or company enables the public to invest in these unlisted businesses, which would normally be out of reach (due to the high amount of capital required).

Incorporated as part of an existing and investment portfolio, private equity may further diversify a portfolio, adding exposure to companies that are often in the stages of growth or development, and are not publically listed.

Learn more about Private Equity, go to http://pohutukawafund.co.nz.


Foreign Exchange

Craigs Investment Partners is an experienced foreign currency exchange broker.  Foreign exchange (or Forex) is the process of purchasing one currency and the selling of another one.

Foreign exchange or Forex is the process of purchasing of one currency and the selling of another one. In other words, it is the trading of currency among countries. It involves the process of selling commodities between countries and allows the transfer of capital from one country to another.

Our foreign currency desk can arrange conversion of NZ dollars into a wide range of international currencies at very competitive foreign exchange rates. Clients can hold cash and easily transfer money between currencies with our Cash Management Accounts.

Use our Foreign Exchange Rate calculator to determine the rate of exchange between two currencies.

We can also arrange the transfer of funds for settlement of international transactions.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions, some may be answered from those that our clients have asked when using our Sharebroking Service.

Click on each of the headings below to find answers to questions you might have about our Broking Service.

Who uses your Sharebroking (stockbroking) Service?

The Craigs Investment Partners sharebroking (stockbroking) service is likely to be right for you if you are looking for investment advice based on well-informed, in-depth research.

Can I set the price I pay or sell my shares for?

There are two ways that you can instruct your Investment Adviser to buy or sell shares for you – a market order or a limit order. You place a market order if you want to buy or sell shares and have Craigs Investment Partners execute on a best endeavours basis. A limit order places a price limit on the order. You use a limit order if you do not want to pay more or receive less than a certain price for the shares.

What happens after an order has been executed?

When the transaction is executed, your adviser will send you a contract note, which gives you details of the transaction and also serves as an invoice. You can elect to have your contract notes either posted or e-mailed to you.

What are the costs?

Brokerage charges apply for purchases or sales of any investment and these charges can differ depending on the type of investment being traded.

Brokerage charges are usually a percentage of the value of the transaction.

How do I pay for my sharebroking (stockbroking) transactions?

You can pay for your stockbroking contracts by cheque, direct debit from a nominated bank account or you can settle directly and automatically from your Craigs Investment Partners Cash Management Accounts. The latter option ensures that all transactions are paid for within the Trade Date + 3 days (T+3 settlement) timeframe that is required by the NZX.

What happens next?

Once the trade has been settled, you will receive a holding statement from the share registry which will detail the number of shares you own and any movements in your holdings.

What’s the best way to build a portfolio of shares?

Everyone has different needs from their investments. Before you start investing it is critical that you analyse your financial goals, current financial situation and your attitude towards risk. Your Investment Adviser can use this information and work with you to determine the most appropriate selection of investments for your portfolio.

Download our Discovery Profile.

What is the difference between a sharebroker and a stockbroker?

There is no difference between the two, just a preference of terminology. To find out more about the basics of investing, including stock broking, go to Investor Education.

Why choose a Craigs Investment Partners stockbroker?

Craigs Investment Partners provide a full service investment advisory service, therefore our investment advisers can help with your investment needs, beyond the realms of stock broking.

Who can become a stockbroker?

Craigs Investment Partners are an accredited NZX participating firm, and therefore are governed by the rules and regulations of the NZX. While anyone can train to become a stock broker in New Zealand, you do require a share broking licence, and new legislation requires that all Investment Advisers disclose their qualifications and experience.