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START Policy Information

Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited for:

  • Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Scheme (superSTART®)
  • Craigs Investment Partners kiwiSTART® Select Scheme (kiwiSTART® Select)
  • Craigs Investment Partners kiwiSTART® Defined Scheme (kiwiSTART® Defined)


Trading and Voting Policies

Trade Allocation and Execution

Orders to purchase / sell securities for members are accumulated for each trading day and a net order to purchase / sell securities is placed in the market for the Scheme. Prices are averaged where execution prices fluctuate. The allocation of securities to member portfolios is made on the basis of their original order. No member portfolios are favoured in terms of trade prices, volumes or allocation.

Proxy Voting

Our policy is to not vote proxies except where we determine it is in the interest of members to vote.