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Your Investment Options

Our KiwiSaver scheme gives you the ability to choose your own investments. Not only can you invest in one or more funds but you can also select from a range of company shares and other securities.

We have short-listed over 160 Australasian and international shares (equities), funds and other securities so you can build your own portfolio to suit your investment goals, needs and appetite for risk.

Range of investment options available to you:

  • Diversified Funds (QuayStreet Funds and other NZ Managed Funds)
  • Australasian equities
  • International equities
  • Investment Trusts and Non-NZ Managed Funds
  • Index Funds
  • Listed Property
  • Cash and cash equivalents

View my Investment Options

The list of investment options (our Nominated Securities) includes securities that our research team and investment committee recommend you consider as a part of your investment portfolio. The list is reviewed and updated quarterly or more regularly where appropriate to reflect changes in the market. View recent changes here >

As a client you have access to our broad range of research reports, publications and email updates so you can keep informed of changes in the market affecting the securities you hold.

Emily’s KiwiSaver - An example of how you can build your investment portfolio

Emily, aged 35 is married with two children and lives in Wellington.

She joined KiwiSaver in 2008 and has been contributing 4% of her $80,000 annual salary since.

Initially she invested in the QuayStreet Balanced Fund as this fund suited her risk profile and provided a diversified base for her portfolio. As her balance grew she started to add direct investments into her portfolio.    

Emily’s KiwiSaver investments are pooled with other scheme members. This enables Emily to gain access to a broader range of securities than she would if she were investing on her own, to help her to diversify her portfolio.

Ultimately the investment decisions are Emily’s to make. Her Investment Adviser provides advice and information along the way, enabling Emily to make informed investment decisions.  





Get started with Craigs KiwiSaver – 3 simple steps

  1. Understand your appetite for risk by completing the Risk Profiler or download our Risk Profile Guide
  2. Talk to an Investment Adviser
  3. Join Craigs KiwiSaver:

  • Read Product Disclosure Statement and review Investment Options with your Investment Adviser
  • Apply online or
  • Complete hard copy application form – Download Product Disclosure Statement with form
  • Responsible Investing
    The nature of our KiwiSaver Scheme limits the extent the Scheme is able to take into account responsible investing.
    As at the date of the current Product Disclosure Statement, responsible investment considerations are taken into account by the Scheme in respect of the QuayStreet Balanced SRI Fund only, and not in relation to investment policies and procedures for the remaining Nominated Securities.
    View the Responsible Investment Policy for the QuayStreet Balanced SRI Fund.

    Responsible investment options are available within our list of Nominated Securities and each member is able to construct their own portfolio by selecting specific securities.
    Nominated Securities will exclude securities prohibited by New Zealand law.


    The Craigs KiwiSaver Scheme (Craigs KiwiSaver) is issued and managed by Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited. The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited is the supervisor of Craigs KiwiSaver. None of The New Zealand Guardian Trust Company Limited, Craigs Investment Partners Superannuation Management Limited (or any director of those entities) or any other person, guarantees the performance or returns of Craigs KiwiSaver, or the return of capital. Investments made in Craigs KiwiSaver are subject to investment and other risks (including those set out in the Craigs KiwiSaver Scheme Product Disclosure Statement) and are not guaranteed by the manager, the supervisor or any other person.