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Funds Management

QuayStreet Asset Management Limited (QuayStreet) is a specialist funds management firm with a team across Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. QuayStreet offers a range of diversified and sector specific investment funds for investors. The QuayStreet specialists seek to deliver superior investment returns for clients by actively managing the funds. QuayStreet is a wholly owned subsidiary of Craigs Investment Partners Limited.

The QuayStreet Funds

QuayStreet offers a range of ten funds with different risk profiles, designed to meet the individual objectives of investors.

Each Fund has a benchmark asset class mix and investment range. These reflect the portion that a Fund should hold in the different asset classes.

For more information read the QuayStreet Product Disclosure Statement and visit www.quaystreet.com

QuayStreet Investment Philosophy

The QuayStreet investment philosophy is that an actively managed and concentrated selection of investments can provide better returns than market benchmarks.

QuayStreet maintains that market inefficiencies do exist, which from time to time result in attractive investment opportunities. Examples of these include:

  • Short term investment mentality by market participants
  • An overreliance on broker analyst earnings estimates and faith in company management
  • A lack of understanding or appreciation of a company’s business model
  • Trading volatility related to specific events e.g. Index changes.

QuayStreet targets investments that have good and sustainable underlying business models which are trading at an attractive valuation in relation to their “intrinsic value”.

They do not transact frequently and generally buy securities with the intention of holding them for the long term. A high emphasis is placed on underlying investment fundamentals including:

  • Quality of company management and corporate governance structure
  • Evidence of disciplined capital management with appropriate investment hurdles
  • Industry structure and competitive positioning
  • Earnings volatility and visibility
  • Exposure to structural and regulatory change.

For further information visit www.quaystreet.com

The QuayStreet Funds are issued by QuayStreet Asset Management Limited and a QuayStreet Funds Product Disclosure Statement is available here.