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Portfolio Builder

This is a smart and simple way for you to create your own ‘virtual’ portfolios which enables you to:

  • Track the daily performance of your virtual portfolios for equities, fixed income and other non-listed investments you may want to add.  The portfolio displays both trade and base currency.
  • View your historic buy/sell transactions and the related trade information. 
  • Set up watchlists and alerts corresponding to specific investments within your portfolio to ensure you are informed of any key changes and can act on opportunities quickly.

Please note that Portfolio Builder is a virtual tool and is not intended to be used as an actual reporting tool or as a substitute for CIP Holdings Reports.


We are introducing a new client web portal in late November/ early December 2016, with improved portfolio holdings display and navigation throughout.  We have reviewed our current website and identified the features clients most frequently use and concentrated our efforts on improving these sections.  Conversely, one feature that is rarely used is the Portfolio Builder and subsequently we will retire this as part of the transition to the new portal.

Please contact your investment adviser on 0800 272 442 if you have any questions regarding this change. 

Portfolio detail example

Portfolio Builder is a virtual tool, neither we nor any of the third party suppliers make any guarantees as to the availability, timeliness, accuracy, completeness or correctness of the market data information. Go to our Terms and Conditions for more information.