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Investment Risk Profiler

Investing requires a balance between risk and return. The key is determining what level of Investment risk you feel comfortable with. Our Investment Risk Profiler is designed to give you an indication of your risk profile and the type of investments that might be appropriate for you.

Important Note

This investment risk profiler is a tool that may assist you in determining your tolerance to risk. It should not be used as a substitute for a detailed investment plan or investment advice because it does not take into account your individual investment objectives, financial situation or needs. These should all be considered before making an investment decision.

1. Which best describes your knowledge about investing?

2. Which statement best describes your investment experience?

3. Which statement best describes your personal circumstances?

4. What is your investment horizon – how long are your funds to be invested?

5. When do you plan to retire?

6. What is the likelihood you will need to access the funds you have or will invest?

7. What are your financial goals in regards to investing?

8. In investment terms, you regard yourself as:

9. If your investments were to drop in value by 10% in one year, your reaction would be to