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Investor Basics Workshop

Learn about investing in one of our Investor Basics workshops, are held over one or two sessions (lunchtime or evenings). Each workshop is approximately 1 1/2 hours. The free workshops are small, interactive and have been designed to promote discussion. For this reason, numbers have been limited to 10-12 attendees per workshop series.

Our workshops will cover:

  • The fundamentals of investing – why, how and where to invest
  • Key investment principles – what you need to consider when you invest
  • How to build your own personal investment portfolio

We aim to provide you with enough information to help you establish your investment goals and develop a sound understanding of investing so you feel more confident when talking with your Investment Adviser about personal investment plan and investment decisions. In each workshop you will be provided with handouts to take home and read in your own time.

Can't find a workshop in your region?

Our workshops are scheduled on an on-demand basis in different locations around New Zealand. Register now to be kept informed of upcoming workshops in your region.


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